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Maison Avetian : The Art of Spirits

Discover our expertise in our made in France products

House of Elixirs

The creation of high-end spirits is a complex process that involves several crucial steps to ensure the exceptional quality of the final product. Firstly, ingredient selection is crucial.

Our spirits are crafted from rare and precious raw materials, such as special cereals or carefully cultivated fruits from France.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks to avoid any contamination of the must by bacteria that could influence the aromatic palette. Once fermentation is complete, the alcohol is directed to the still for distillation, with an active carbon filtration performed to cleanse the alcohol of its aromas.

Dilution is achieved through successive additions of distilled or demineralized water until the desired degree is achieved. A final filtration step is then carried out before the alcohol is left to rest, and then bottled.


Avetian Vodka is the perfect elixir for sophisticated cocktails.


Indulge in refined vodka-based cocktails, expertly crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates

The best table in town

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Perfect For Groups

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Fresh produce everyday

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Sens Distillery ;

The Rare Gem of Local Production

Let yourself be tempted by the magic of our special vintage, where the subtlety of flavors transports you to a world of delights.


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