Our History

Our History

The creation of high-end spirits requires expert know-how, the selection of superior quality ingredients, precise distillation, extended ageing, and careful packaging. All of these factors contribute to crafting an exceptional beverage, rich in aroma and flavour, providing a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

Founder Vodka Avetian

Arthur Avetian

French sommelier-producer, Arthur Avetian, is considered a specialist and taster of highly alcoholic beverages. As a member of the World Gastronomy Organization and the Union of French Sommeliers Grand-Est, he has participated in numerous tastings and the evolution of French spirit beverages. As the founder of Avetian Vodka, a 100% French-produced vodka approved by top specialists such as Mr. Philippe FAURE-BRAC, President of the Sommeliers of France and winner of the Best Sommelier in the World competition.

Avetian Vodka was designed with a primary objective to break stereotypes and elevate the ethics of vodka consumption worldwide.

Inspired by the image of women as the embodiment of elegance, Avetian Vodka reflects the essence of France, known as the world capital of high fashion, refinement, and elegance not only in fashion but also in the production of spirits. Its meticulous craftsmanship ensures a quality guarantee that is recognized globally.

The Advisors of Maison Avetian


° Sommelier in Luxembourg
° Judge at the World competition of Bruxelles for wines & spirits
° Judge at the Hachette wine guides


° Sommelier in COSTCO France

The Beauce Wheat

Avetian vodka is distilled using carefully selected wheat for its exceptional quality, grown in the Beauce region known as the “breadbasket of France”.

Beauce is a highly fertile natural region in France dedicated to agriculture, covering almost 600,000 hectares across five departments in the Paris Basin. It is a particularly fertile region geologically linked to the Île-de-France basin, and it concentrates a significant portion of French wheat cultivation.

Thanks to its high-quality argilo-calcareous soil and flat terrain, its terroir is ideal for agriculture. It has thus become the first cereal-producing region in Europe.

Silver medal at the
Brussels 2021 world competition

Paradize Gold 2023
France – Charentes

European Partner
Hotels Awards Geneva 2022

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